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The Difference of a Deeper Question

When is the last time you went a little deeper in a conversation with a stranger or with someone you don’t really know? Whether at church or checking out at the grocery store - what kind of an opportunity could God bring to you by simply probing a little further? Well, last week I found out first hand what difference a deeper question could make in conversation - and by God’s grace, a life. Going Deeper with a Stranger Earlier in the summer, I decided to take on a "weekend DIY" project and build a fire pit in our backyard. Well... a few months later, and I was still building our fire pit. Turns out, pulling out yards of ivy is a lot more work than I expected!...

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How does the Daily Kairos Journal work?

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is about the structure of our Kairos Journal. Quite simply: Does it really help you develop a stronger, more consistent prayer life? We hear from folks every single day who are self-proclaimed "non-journalers" who are FINALLY able to: Enjoy journaling Create a habit and actually stick with it Feel more connected to God Hear His voice more clearly - all throughout the day How? The not-so-secret answer is the simple, proven structure of our Kairos Journal. Our best-selling prayer journal was created with Scripture & habit-forming psychology in mind to help you build a stronger, daily prayer life. Here's how: DAILY SPREAD Each Daily Kairos Journal includes 13 Daily Spreads. The left-side of each Daily Spread is built to...

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What is God uprooting in your life?

Today's blog is a personal Kairos moment from our founder, Pete Jones: Recently, I finished digging out part of our backyard so that we can install a DIY patio and fire pit. Normally this sort of thing wouldn’t take all that long but because this part of the yard is covered in thick ivy, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of roots to cut, dig and hack through 😬 ​I was feverishly chopping away a couple of weeks back and took a moment to pause and look at the progress. As my eyes took it all in, I couldn’t help but notice all of the roots that had been severed over the past few weeks. Some were tiny and some were...

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When was your last divine appointment?

Can you remember the last time you encountered someone (or visa versa) and you just knew it was a divine appointment? For us it happened this past week. Our videographer, Preston, was set to shoot a new project for us over the weekend but found out last minute that his friend/actor wasn’t available anymore. With his wife due with their first child in less than a week the time pressure to get it done was at an all time high. He reached out letting us know that he was searching for someone to fill in but wasn’t having much luck. We threw out a wild idea and asked if he’d be willing to drive up to Breckenridge, Colorado (a 2+ hour drive...

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