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Spending More Time with Jesus

The following is an excerpt from Daily Thoughts for Disciples by Oswald Chambers: “It is the natural instinct of a child to imitate his mother, and when we are born again the Holy Spirit lifts this instinct into the spiritual domain and it becomes the most supernaturally natural thing for us to imitate our Lord. We grow in grace naturally, not artificially. Mimicking is the counterfeit of imitation and produces the ‘pi’ person, one who tries his best to be what he is not. When you are good you never try to be. It is natural to be like the one we live with most; then if we spend most of our time with Jesus Christ, we shall begin to be like...

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Life's Greatest Pursuit

What is your great aim in life? What is it that you long for? Have you ever paused long enough to even ask the simple yet profound question, “what do I want?” Last week the question, “what do you want?” came to my mind on two separate occasions through two entirely different sources. And whenever something like that happens I try to lean in. The answer to that question came in the form of another question, as I was reading through Jeremiah. Jeremiah 9:24a says:  “But those who wish to boast should boast in this alone: that they truly know me and understand that I am the LORD..” So, the question I asked myself in response to the first question was: “Could anything...

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Do you see Jesus?

Have you ever imagined that Jesus is right next to you? I don’t simply mean believing that He is with us always (because He is) but rather really, really tried imagining him sitting, eating and walking with you? Up until about two years ago I had never thought about it either, but that all changed one snowy, winter day in Breckenridge, Colorado. I was right in the middle of something I was calling “God Week.” Jordan was traveling for the next seven days, and I was by myself in our RV. I wanted to take advantage of all the extra quiet time by spending it with God. On day 5, a friend from the small group I was leading asked if we...

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What to do when you don't know what to do

Have you ever felt so weary and weak that you find yourself unable to do anything? Have you ever been so oppressed and attacked spiritually that you can barely utter a prayer? You’re not alone. As I write this blog, I can honestly say that I’m working through this right now. This past Saturday, I was so filled with the Spirit that I wanted to talk to everyone and anyone because I was overwhelmed with the grace and goodness of our Lord! Fast forward to earlier this morning (I'm writing this on Monday, just two days later), and I found myself unable to do anything but go to my room and cry out to our Father. Any focus and motivation and...

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Biblical Meditation: How to Get Started

Do you ever feel like you “missed” what you just read in the Bible - even after spending time in the Word at length?  It’s easy to do, especially if you’re like me and are following a Bible in a Year plan that requires multiple chapters to be read per day. While it is important to read the Bible in its entirety, we also must remember to slow down and focus on the text. It’s for this reason that over the past month the Lord has called me to slow down and pause to let the truth of God’s Word soak in. How? By meditating on His Word.  Yup, I went there. Can Christians Meditate? The word “meditate” sometimes has...

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