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What to do when you don't know what to do

Have you ever felt so weary and weak that you find yourself unable to do anything? Have you ever been so oppressed and attacked spiritually that you can barely utter a prayer? You’re not alone. As I write this blog, I can honestly say that I’m working through this right now. This past Saturday, I was so filled with the Spirit that I wanted to talk to everyone and anyone because I was overwhelmed with the grace and goodness of our Lord! Fast forward to earlier this morning (I'm writing this on Monday, just two days later), and I found myself unable to do anything but go to my room and cry out to our Father. Any focus and motivation and...

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Biblical Meditation: How to Get Started

Do you ever feel like you “missed” what you just read in the Bible - even after spending time in the Word at length?  It’s easy to do, especially if you’re like me and are following a Bible in a Year plan that requires multiple chapters to be read per day. While it is important to read the Bible in its entirety, we also must remember to slow down and focus on the text. It’s for this reason that over the past month the Lord has called me to slow down and pause to let the truth of God’s Word soak in. How? By meditating on His Word.  Yup, I went there. Can Christians Meditate? The word “meditate” sometimes has...

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Do you fear God?

A pastor and friend of ours closed a recent sermon by asking the congregation to mediate on the following for the upcoming week:  “Do you fear God? If so, what does that look like? If not, how might that increase?”  We had just gone through Psalm 128 which begins in verse 1 by saying: “Blessed is everyone who fears the Lord, who walks in his ways!” In the short, six-verse Psalm “bless” is used four times. 2/4 of those times blessing is connected to “fearing God.”  What does it mean to "Fear God"? So what exactly does it mean to “fear God” or “fear the Lord?”  Scottish Theologian Sinclair Ferguson says the fear of God is “the indefinable mixture of reverence, fear,...

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Where can we find God?

Fun fact you probably didn't know about the Daily Kairos founder: I like to write poetry. While I haven’t been writing as consistently as I’d like to, I started paging through an old book of poems called Poems for Peter (perfect title right?!) by Lysbeth Boyd Bore to spark up some inspiration. The very first poem I turned to did such a wonderful job painting a picture in my mind that I wanted to share it with you. It’s a conversation between a son and his mom: "God" “Mother, tell me who is GodThat makes the congregation nodThat never lets them sneeze or sigh,Just cross-their-heart-and-hope-to-die.And can we find God if we searchOr does he always stay in church? ******** “My baby, God is...

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When was your last divine appointment?

Can you remember the last time you encountered someone (or visa versa) and you just knew it was a divine appointment? For us it happened this past week. Our videographer, Preston, was set to shoot a new project for us over the weekend but found out last minute that his friend/actor wasn’t available anymore. With his wife due with their first child in less than a week the time pressure to get it done was at an all time high. He reached out letting us know that he was searching for someone to fill in but wasn’t having much luck. We threw out a wild idea and asked if he’d be willing to drive up to Breckenridge, Colorado (a 2+ hour drive...

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