How does the Daily Kairos Journal work?

How does the Daily Kairos Journal work?

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is about the structure of our Kairos Journal.

Quite simply: Does it really help you develop a stronger, more consistent prayer life?

We hear from folks every single day who are self-proclaimed "non-journalers" who are FINALLY able to:

  1. Enjoy journaling
  2. Create a habit and actually stick with it
  3. Feel more connected to God
  4. Hear His voice more clearly - all throughout the day


The not-so-secret answer is the simple, proven structure of our Kairos Journal.

Our best-selling prayer journal was created with Scripture & habit-forming psychology in mind to help you build a stronger, daily prayer life. Here's how:


Daily Kairos Journal daily spread

Each Daily Kairos Journal includes 13 Daily Spreads. The left-side of each Daily Spread is built to give your mind and heart a fresh start each day. Think of it like your "reset" button.

These sections include your memorization verse, daily gratitude, today's prayer requests, and your daily intention.

The right-side of the Daily Spread is more free-flowing and offers you space to write down how God is speaking to you through His Word and throughout your day.

There's also a space to reflect after you read your Bible or at the end of the day to celebrate answered prayers and summarize what the Lord has been putting on your heart that day.


Daily Kairos Journal inside pages weekly reflection

Each Daily Kairos Journal also includes 13 Weekly Reflections. The Weekly Reflection section is built to help you record and discern what God is saying to you over an extended period of time.

The left-hand side of the Weekly Reflection provides space to summarize your main reflections from each day of the week, and there's a reminder to fill this out on each of your daily pages to keep this simple and easy to keep track of.

The right-side of the Weekly Reflection allows you to look back on the week as a whole and reflect on what God is speaking to you, write down any themes or important messages, and note the verse or verses you've memorized throughout the week.

And that's the not-so-secret sauce!

How to Use the Kairos Journal

The simple guided structure of the Kairos Journal is proven to help you develop a consistent habit (especially for non-journalers!) without limiting your time or moments with God.

reviews from non journalers

It's been amazing to see how different folks use the Kairos Journal - and to hear about the impact it has on their walks with God!

To hear real-life examples of how busy Christians are using the Kairos Journal to draw closer to God daily, check out the posts in our community Facebook group or some of the reviews from real customers.

You can also listen to how some of our customers use the journal in the following videos (just click the image to watch the video!):

Jacob Coyne daily kairos

Watch Jacob Coyne's Video

Drew Fountain tiktok daily kairos journal

Watch Drew Fountain's video


Now it's your turn! Comment below with how you use your Kairos Journal or share any questions you have about how it works :)


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