When was your last divine appointment?

When was your last divine appointment?

Can you remember the last time you encountered someone (or visa versa) and you just knew it was a divine appointment? For us it happened this past week.

Our videographer, Preston, was set to shoot a new project for us over the weekend but found out last minute that his friend/actor wasn’t available anymore.

With his wife due with their first child in less than a week the time pressure to get it done was at an all time high. He reached out letting us know that he was searching for someone to fill in but wasn’t having much luck.

We threw out a wild idea and asked if he’d be willing to drive up to Breckenridge, Colorado (a 2+ hour drive one way) if we could find someone there to help out. He agreed with the caveat that this was probably the last weekend he could make it happen until after the baby. We reached out to our friend David who we know from church (we've spent the last 3 winters in an RV in Breckenridge). He was out of town but just so happened to be coming back into the area that Sunday. He agreed to help and we were back on!

Part of the shoot required the desk shown below to be placed in the middle of the woods:

Daily Kairos video shoot Breckenridge

People passed them by without asking any questions until one group of three doubled back around just as they were packing up.

Curious, they asked what they were doing.

Preston and David filled them in and told them all about Daily Kairos, our prayer journal and what the project was.

As they were sharing, a woman in the group just started crying.

In between tears, she explained that her husband of many years divorced her 6 months ago out of nowhere. She continued to bare her heart and shared that she was struggling in her relationship with God, her devotional life and that she was looking for a resource to find structure and order in the midst of it. 

How could she have possibly know that she would bump into two prayer warriors on her afternoon hike?

It was a powerful moment.

Preston had an extra journal with him that he was able to give her. David led the group in prayer and prayed over the woman. They blessed her and sent them on their way.

There are so many parts to this story that I want to dive into but just thinking about how much God cares for His children was evident this past Sunday. The events leading up to even being there in the first place are miraculous in their own right. 

Giving God praise today for all of the ways and places He meets us 🙌

Will you join us in continuing the praise party ?

Simply comment with praise hands or an "Amen!" - and if you have your own divine moment to share, we'd LOVE to hear & praise along with YOU!

ps - you can watch the finished product of the video below:

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