Why You Should Read the Bible Every Day

Why You Should Read the Bible Every Day

Have you ever heard that in order to be a “good Christian,” you need to read your Bible every day? Or have you ever been told that God will be mad at you, not like you, or love you less if you’re not reading the Bible every day? 

If so, I want to start by saying-- I’m sorry. The truth is, none of those things are true! And they’re certainly not any reason to be reading your Bible every day.

Here are some things that are true: Being a Christian is less about what you’re doing, and more about who you’re becoming. God loves you for exactly who you are right now, and nothing could ever change that. And finally, reading the Bible is important and something you should do every day, but only if your desire is to truly know God more and become more like Jesus, not to just store a bunch of information and knowledge. 

If you have a desire to grow in your relationship with God, to understand more of His nature, character, and His unending love for you, that is why you should read your Bible.

And the reason we commit to reading daily is because that’s what it takes to build a strong, deep, lasting relationship with someone-- consistency!

Imagine if a friend, potential, or current partner wasn’t invested enough in their relationship with you to talk to you or spend time with you every day. I think it’s fair to say neither of you could expect to grow very close or know very much about the other if one of you wasn’t interested in being committed, day in and day out. The same is true of our relationship with God and our commitment to reading His Word, daily. 

The whole Bible, the entirety of scripture, is a narrative that points to Jesus.

Every story, every moment in time and history is weaved together to ultimately lead us to the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. 

So, be encouraged. You don’t have to read your Bible every day in order to be saved, loved, worthy, or whole. But if your desire is to truly know God, grow in freedom, discover your purpose, and go make a difference in this world, then spending daily and consistent time reading the Bible is something you will do. Even if you don’t always understand it or feel like it, you’ll stick with it because it deeply matters. 

The good news about reading the Good News is that you’re not alone and you don’t have to go at it alone. There are so many resources and tools to help you read and understand scripture in an approachable way and have meaningful experiences when reading God’s Word. One of those tools is the Daily Kairos Journal.

Daily Kairos Journal and Bible

With its daily reading prompts, the Kairos Journal serves as a guide to help you dive deeper into the practice of knowing God more through studying the scriptures. 

Read more about the Kairos Journal and how it can help you develop not just knowledge of God, but a true relationship with Him.


Mar 17, 2021 • Posted by jptxpdijvh

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

Sep 03, 2020 • Posted by Mariano S.

Wow… amazing, thank you Peter, it’s so tru… there will be no point if there is not a conviction within you to read the Bible.
😁📖🙌🏽 “good habits” are worth the time you invest in it, and knowing God is everything to those who had been rescued and they know it.
-thank you for your words Peter👍🏽 God bless you and your family…

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