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Where can we find God?

Fun fact you probably didn't know about the Daily Kairos founder: I like to write poetry. While I haven’t been writing as consistently as I’d like to, I started paging through an old book of poems called Poems for Peter (perfect title right?!) by Lysbeth Boyd Bore to spark up some inspiration. The very first poem I turned to did such a wonderful job painting a picture in my mind that I wanted to share it with you. It’s a conversation between a son and his mom: "God" “Mother, tell me who is GodThat makes the congregation nodThat never lets them sneeze or sigh,Just cross-their-heart-and-hope-to-die.And can we find God if we searchOr does he always stay in church? ******** “My baby, God is...

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Does my life reflect what I believe?

About a month ago I found myself smack-dab in the middle of an altercation between two people I know. It was one of those big blow up arguments that happen and escalate so quickly that you find yourself at a loss of words. To make things more interesting, one person borderlines on being an atheist but is searching and wondering if there is a God, while the other professes to be a Christian. After things cooled down, I reflected on the heated exchange and saw that something totally unrelated to the initial argument came to the surface. The one who is questioning God’s existence essentially called out the Christian for not living what he claims to believe; there’s a gap...

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When was your last divine appointment?

Can you remember the last time you encountered someone (or visa versa) and you just knew it was a divine appointment? For us it happened this past week. Our videographer, Preston, was set to shoot a new project for us over the weekend but found out last minute that his friend/actor wasn’t available anymore. With his wife due with their first child in less than a week the time pressure to get it done was at an all time high. He reached out letting us know that he was searching for someone to fill in but wasn’t having much luck. We threw out a wild idea and asked if he’d be willing to drive up to Breckenridge, Colorado (a 2+ hour drive...

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Where do you pray?

Little personal story & question for you... About a month ago the Lord began pressing something on my heart: a dedicated time for prayer. The interesting thing is, I do pray… a lot (or so I thought).  I pray when I wake up, before I open my Daily Kairos Journal and Bible, before I do the Kairos side, after my devotional time, before breakfast, during breakfast, in the middle of a Zoom call or an afternoon walk.  So when I felt a nudge from the Lord to have a dedicated time to pray I almost shrugged it off. I’m so glad I didn’t. Instead, I set a calendar reminder for 1:50pm every day for my ten minute “Prayer Meeting with God” - which...

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NEW: Prompted Journals now available! 🙌

INTRODUCING: PROMPTED JOURNALS We have a new product that we're SO excited to share with you! Our new Prompted journals give you space to write down prayers, praise, and promises - or anything else the Holy Spirit speaks to you!   Whether that's while listening to a sermon, going for a walk around your local park, or sitting at a coffee shop with a friend - these journals give you space to capture it all in real-time. They also fit perfectly in the pocket in the back of your Kairos Journal 😉 (for all of the folks who like to take over entire pages in their Kairos journal, you're welcome!) As always with our new products, there's a limited amount of...

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