Christian Small Business Gift Guide

Christian Small Business Gift Guide

We don't know about you, but we try our hardest to shop small - especially during the holiday season.

As a small business ourself, we know the difference this makes.

Supporting other small business owners (especially other brothers and sisters in Christ!) is a big priority for us, and so we put together this "gift guide" to share some of our favorite shops & products!

We personally know the founders and owners of these businesses and can vouch that not only are the products amazing, but the people behind the business really know and love Jesus.


God's Fingerprints

Our friend Jason and his wife create beautiful art work for those who love God's Word. Not only do we love supporting another husband & wife-run business, we absolutely adore their artwork and the beauty they bring to displaying Scripture in our homes.

Shop God's Fingerprints →

Humble Lamb

The singular mission of the Humble Lamb team is to present the Word of God in a way that compels people to read it and thus connect with God more intimately (which is a mission we absolutely resonate with here at Daily Kairos!)

Shop Humble Lamb Bibles →

Elly & Grace


Our friend Brenna designs beautiful clothing (in ALL sizes!) that points others to Jesus. Not only are the clothes super cute and comfortable, but they're great conversation starters when you wear them as you go through your day!

Shop Elly & Grace →

The Brand Sunday

Our friend Zach created the Bible Study to help you understand the Bible more and grow closer to God. We personally love and use the Bible Study itself - it's beautiful and impactful, and it makes a great gift!

Shop The Bible Study →

Daily Kairos

daily kairos prayer journals

I know I know this is kind of a #humblebrag here but we didn't want to leave out our own business when sharing gift ideas for the holidays!

Our best-selling prayer journal makes the perfect gift for a spouse, parent, child, prayer warrior, pastor, friend, etc! Now through November 28th you can save up to 30% off your entire order:

  • 10% off $25+ orders
  • 20% off $50+ orders
  • 30% off $100+ orders

Click here to shop the Daily Kairos Black Friday Sale!

Christian Gift Guide

There are SO many shops we could share here, but these are some of our favorites!

Do any catch your eye? Do you have a go-to small biz shop you love? Share with us in the comments below & let's share the small biz love!


Nov 19, 2022 • Posted by Brack Mosshart

Hi, I use Daily Kairos for my prayer and quiet time. I’m a Realtor in OKC. I work for a small veteran owned brokerage called Ten Oaks Real Estate. I take great pride in knowing that I am a Christian and I do business with integrity. When clients come to me for business I strive to make God more known in the way I work every day.

Nov 19, 2022 • Posted by Erika

Thanks for this list! Love it!

Nov 18, 2022 • Posted by Terri

Another small health/faith business is The Living Well at
the living

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