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Our Two Year Anniversary!

Friend, did you know that this week marks a special day for us here at Daily Kairos? On November 5, 2019, we officially launched on Kickstarter - which means it's almost our 2 year anniversary! For those who aren't familiar with it, Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform. Creators share projects and ideas, and people can decide to "back" and support the project to bring it to life. Two years ago, 306 folks made that happen for Daily Kairos. You see... Daily Kairos is here in part because of a small "yes" we made to a dream God placed on our hearts - and in part because of so many of you. We're here because of you . You may not know this,...

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Spending More Time with Jesus

The following is an excerpt from Daily Thoughts for Disciples by Oswald Chambers: “It is the natural instinct of a child to imitate his mother, and when we are born again the Holy Spirit lifts this instinct into the spiritual domain and it becomes the most supernaturally natural thing for us to imitate our Lord. We grow in grace naturally, not artificially. Mimicking is the counterfeit of imitation and produces the ‘pi’ person, one who tries his best to be what he is not. When you are good you never try to be. It is natural to be like the one we live with most; then if we spend most of our time with Jesus Christ, we shall begin to be like...

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Life's Greatest Pursuit

What is your great aim in life? What is it that you long for? Have you ever paused long enough to even ask the simple yet profound question, “what do I want?” Last week the question, “what do you want?” came to my mind on two separate occasions through two entirely different sources. And whenever something like that happens I try to lean in. The answer to that question came in the form of another question, as I was reading through Jeremiah. Jeremiah 9:24a says:  “But those who wish to boast should boast in this alone: that they truly know me and understand that I am the LORD..” So, the question I asked myself in response to the first question was: “Could anything...

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The Difference of a Deeper Question

When is the last time you went a little deeper in a conversation with a stranger or with someone you don’t really know? Whether at church or checking out at the grocery store - what kind of an opportunity could God bring to you by simply probing a little further? Well, last week I found out first hand what difference a deeper question could make in conversation - and by God’s grace, a life. Going Deeper with a Stranger Earlier in the summer, I decided to take on a "weekend DIY" project and build a fire pit in our backyard. Well... a few months later, and I was still building our fire pit. Turns out, pulling out yards of ivy is a lot more work than I expected!...

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3 Simple Habits to Experience More Peace Every Day

By now most are aware of the massive amount of noise we consume on a regular basis. On average we spend nearly 2.5 hours per day on social media, watch 3.2 hours of video per day (only counting Netflix), and allow our thumbs to scroll roughly 52 miles (just about 2 marathons). More and more studies continue to show the negative impact screen time has on our mental health, physical health and ability (or lack thereof) to socialize with others. True as all of this may be, social media & “binge worthy” shows do a terrifyingly good job at keeping us hooked. While watching less Netflix and limiting time on TikTok sounds good in theory, we’ve come to enjoy the quick hits they give us....

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