Where is God Leading You?

Where is God Leading You?

During our team huddle last week, Pete started out by asking this question:

Where have you sensed God’s leading this week?

That question assumes something, right?! It assumes that I have been near to God, close enough, aware enough + actively listening to His leading. It assumes I’m in step with the Spirit (Galatians 5:25).

As I sifted through the moments with the Lord, one word came ushering through almost like a gentle reminding whisper, "control." 

I will wholeheartedly confess to you as I have with God time and time again that this is an area of weakness for me. Most sin that busts out of me grows from that one word. While I could unpack all the areas of my life that control can take shape, the one area in particular that the Holy Spirit has been convicting me of is in my relationship with Jesus.

It sounds like this….

Renée….. how often do you come to me just to be with me? Your agenda aside. Your requests, wants and needs aside. How often do you come to me in adoration, worship and reverence?  You set the time to be with me. You choose the devotional. You choose what you’re reading in my WORD. You choose the place. You talk and talk but do you listen? Even here daughter you are taking control. Is there room for me? For my Promised Spirit to do the leading?

I know God wants to hear my prayers, requests and needs. This isn’t about stopping the beautiful and powerful moments that happen in surrendered time. Rather, it’s about also coming to Jesus to adore Him, worship Him and free up space for Him - outside of the ones I plan.

Later that day, I found myself in a familiar position like we all have day to day. "Jesus or the world?" I chose stillness before the Lord as…

God is still asking the same question He asked in the garden, “Where are you?”

I stop hiding in my business and in my own thoughts and plans. The moment is surrendered and I say “I am here.” There’s confession of control and stillness. From there I sense the Spirit leading me to just starting naming all of the attributes and characteristics of God in adoration & worship.

With wholehearted excitement I started declaring…

Ultimate Promise Keeper
Almighty + Everlasting
So on and so on.


They just kept coming. I rarely had to think of one before the truth of WHO God is was leaving my lips. This posture continues as I reclaim more moments of coming to Jesus with holy praise on my lips and  an expectant posture for the Holy Spirit to lead as I let go of my plans for our time together. Child of God, I hope this spurs you on to pursue Jesus in an “expectant-more-of HIM-Spirit-led” kind of way. ALL for HIS Glory!!


Jul 12, 2023 • Posted by Leanne

Oh this spoke to me. I always have an agenda. Like you wrote, I know my devotional, what I am going to read from the Bible, etc. I never come just to be with Him. Thank you for this post.

Jun 29, 2023 • Posted by Marlene

Thanks for this insight, I too struggle with setting aside time to just be in Gods presence, I tend to busy myself with work, family life ect., but we must always be mindful to come into Gods presence.

Jun 29, 2023 • Posted by Brian Sutton

This is such a powerful and convicting (yet hopeful) truth in my life as well. Powerful because it is spot on. Convicting because I am also guilty of continually going to God with my agenda. But, above all, hopeful. Hopeful, because everyday I have the opportunity to change my actions, seek the Father, listen to the Holy Spirit, and worship the Creator of all things and the Savior of my soul.

Thank you for sharing these insights with us. Thank you for being transparent.
May we all grown in Christ as He is in us.

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