Where can we find God?

Where can we find God?

Fun fact you probably didn't know about the Daily Kairos founder: I like to write poetry.

While I haven’t been writing as consistently as I’d like to, I started paging through an old book of poems called Poems for Peter (perfect title right?!) by Lysbeth Boyd Bore to spark up some inspiration. The very first poem I turned to did such a wonderful job painting a picture in my mind that I wanted to share it with you. It’s a conversation between a son and his mom:

“Mother, tell me who is God
That makes the congregation nod
That never lets them sneeze or sigh,
Just cross-their-heart-and-hope-to-die.
And can we find God if we search
Or does he always stay in church?
“My baby, God is near to call,
And sometimes not in church at all,
(Especially if the doors are wide
And many shiny hats inside.)
God leaves the chants and flags unfurled
To guide the workings of His world: -
To stain the peach its rosy hue
And scatter diamonds on the dew,
To fill the rich veins of the earth
And blow the gentle winds to birth,
To wrap the young corn in the husk,
To close the curtains of dusk,
To sow the seed, to swell the pod - 
This, little son of mine, is God.”


The innocence of the little boy’s question and the simple yet profoundness of his mother’s answer made me pause for a moment and give praise. Psalm 112:2 immediately comes to mind:

“How amazing are the deeds of the LORD! All who delight in him should ponder them.”

The beauty of God’s creation surrounds us everywhere we go. The question is: Can we take a moment to pause long enough today to notice one small detail of his magnificent workmanship and in turn give Him praise?

Would you take one minute to comment below with something you noticed today that is always in front of you but you hadn’t taken time to acknowledge the intricacy of detail God put into it?

I’ll go first.

As I am writing this, I look outside to see our beautiful butterfly bush blooming:

noticing God's beauty and creation where is God? butterfly bush

At first glance the flowers look completely purple but when I get up and go look at them closely I realize that inside they are yellow. I never even realized this! I looked even closer and saw a bee was busy doing its job pollinating. God's creation, beauty, and work is ALL around us! What an awesome reminder of that truth.

Okay, now it's your turn friend! Comment below & let me know what you're noticing today!

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