So what makes this journal different?

As Christians, we long to grow closer to God. But in today's world, is it really possible to say no to the chaos & overwhelm and yes to spending intentional time with God every day?

Not only is it possible - but it's easier than you think.

The Daily Kairos Journal was designed to ease you in with daily verses and simple prompts you can use to start your day off strong - and continue it the same way by helping you document your walk with God, look for recurring themes in what He says to you, and reflect on the dialogue over time.  


Daily Spreads


Start your morning off strong with God - and continue spending intentional time with Him throughout the day. Daily prompts include verse memorization, gratitude, prayers, and reflection.

Weekly Reflections


Reflect on what He has said over the past week so you can learn to hear His voice clearer, gain discernment, and deepen your relationship. Look back over time and recognize how the Lord is working in your life.

Prayer Resources


Grow deeper in your walk with God every day. These resources will help you make the most of this journal and your time with God, including a prayer guide, biblical affirmations, and a verse index.

Don't consider yourself a "journaler"?
Fear not, friend!

We hear time & time again from customers who always struggled to journal or stay consistent in their prayer life that this journal is the first (and only) journal they've ever been able to stick with. So whether you're an avid journaler or have struggled to make it a habit in the past - the Kairos Journal will help you prioritize your prayer life and meditate on God's Word more consistently.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"This is the first prayer journal that I have actually stuck with doing! It has strengthened my prayer life and Bible study and gives focus to my quiet time. The journal is also beautiful and compact enough to carry anywhere for easy access."

Shelly M.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“This journal has been exactly what I hoped for! As a guy that has struggled to develop a consistent prayer journaling habit for a while, this is a God send! It makes it so easy for me with the guided sections. I highly recommend!!”

John P.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I love this journal! I hadn’t really journaled very much before I got this one. It’s become a daily tool during my morning time with God and has helped me in my consistency with scripture memorization, prayer and connecting with God on a deeper level. I highly recommend it!"

Nathan H.

Want to take a peek inside?

The simple, proven structure was created with Scripture & habit-forming psychology in mind to help you build a stronger, daily prayer life.

Daily Spread

daily spread

Weekly Reflection