(Pre-Order) Small Group Bundle

$164.95 $233.94

*Small Group Bundles expected to ship early-to-mid June*

Ready to stay consistent in the Word, grow deeper in God’s love (+ with others), stay accountable and memorize more scripture? We created the small group bundle to help encourage all of the above! Here's what's included:

(6) Daily Kairos Prayer Journals (5 journals + 1 free) - our best-selling daily prayer journal designed with Scripture & habit-forming psychology in mind to help you spend more quality time with God every day (regular value: $164.95).

(6) Pen holders - 3M self-adhesive pen holders - easily attaches to the Kairos Journal (or any book or journal!) to keep your favorite pen with you as you journal and spend time in the Word (regular value: $15).

(6) "Set your sights" sticker - The "Set your sights" sticker was made to remind you (and others) where to fix our eyes, daily (regular value: $15).