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Do less. Accomplish more.

Do less, accomplish more.

The Liveworthy bundle was created to help busy Christians put God first so they can become steadfast in their faith, stay focused on their unique purpose and steward time in a way that brings Him Glory daily.

The Daily Kairos Journal helps busy Christians spend more intentional time with God in prayer and in His Word every day through a simple, proven structure - without the overwhelm.

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Does this sound familiar?

Your day is jammed with so many obligations, distractions, tasks and chores that it sometimes ends without you knowing what even happened. 

You have little to no plan on spending time with God and seeking His direction so you find yourself reacting to all of the “stuff” that you’re hit with. 

Instead of finding joy in each day He’s given to you, you find yourself living just above the undercurrent of anxiety you sense inside.

Deep down you long to spend more time with God and live out His purpose for your life but the world’s distractions have kept you confused and disorientated. 

Let’s face it, our world is obsessed with the speed and growth in which we live.

We want to make sure you don’t miss the “living” part.

A potent 1-2 punch for purposeful living

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"This is the first prayer journal that I have actually stuck with doing! It has strengthened my prayer life and Bible study and gives focus to my quiet time. The journal is also beautiful and compact enough to carry anywhere for easy access."

- Shelly M.

What makes this different?

We're so glad you asked...

There's a big difference with the emphasis the world puts on being productive vs what God calls us to. So big in fact we put together a little comparison between the two below:

What's included?

The Daily Kairos Journal

Daily prompts

Weekly reflection page

Each journal includes 13 weeks of daily prompts and weekly reflections. Daily prompts include verse memorization, gratitude, prayers, and reflection, as well as ample free space to record what God is revealing to you in prayer and as you read the Bible - we call these "Kairos Moments."

Liveworthy task cards

Keep first things first by prioritizing your most important tasks for the day, both in your work and your life. Each card has two task sections: Work & Life, along with 3 starred lines to prioritize your most important, God-centered goals for the day.

Liveworthy card holder

Keep the Word of God and purpose He's called you to front and center. This American Black Walnut card holder was finished by hand and made custom to fit a month's worth of Liveworthy cards. The slit in the front was designed to make it easy to see what you're working on.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“This journal has been exactly what I hoped for! As a guy that has struggled to develop a consistent prayer journaling habit for a while, this is a God send! It makes it so easy for me with the guided sections. I highly recommend!!”

- John P.

A simple, proven structure

3 options to choose from 1 result: do less, accomplish more.  

Choose your bundle

Is it really that simple? Yup. Effective? You betcha. c revs


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the journal last?

Each Kairos Journal is designed to last 13 weeks (or one quarter) if used consistently every day.

What if I miss a day?

The journals aren't dated, so fear not friend! We know things happen and life gets busy - we want to help you stay committed to your prayer life, not feel guilty about a missed day of journaling here or there. If you miss a day, simply start again fresh the next day!

Are the journals the same in the bundles?

Yes, the journals are the same, except for the colors. Our goal is to share a simple, proven structure to help you stay consistent in your journaling and prayer time.

Bundling journals is a perfect way to save money when buying for friends and family or your own year-long supply!

Which Bible translation do you use?

The Kairos Journal is not a Bible and does not include specific Bible plans or verses. Instead, it's meant to be a complementary tool to your Bible study and prayer time to help you spend more consistent, intentional time with God. This means your journal will work with any translation of the Bible you're already using!

What are the specifications of the product?

Each journal includes 224 Pages, including 13 weeks of Daily Spreads, 13 Weekly Spreads, Biblical Affirmations, Scripture Index, Examples, and More. The size is A5: 8.25"x5.5" and the pages are 100# ivory paper. The covers are either high quality linen or leather (depending on your color choice).

  • How long does shipping take?

    Due to the current global pandemic, shipping is very dependent on the carrier themselves - which unfortunately we have no control over. That being said, we fulfill our orders within 1-2 business days and typical shipping times are dependent on the type of shipping you choose:

    • Free and Standard Shipping ($3.99): 5-7 business days
    • Express Shipping ($9.99): 2-5 business days

    Do you offer refunds?

    We accept returns for unopened, unused products within 30 days of delivery. Customer is responsible for all return shipping costs.